Aaron Nelson

Aaron Nelson

Website Address: http://www.aaronnelson.ca/

Author's Description:

Currently Aaron is working with experimental, highly translucent soft paste porcelain that matures at an extremely low temperature. His interest in this new material, for which there are few historical precedents, grows out of a concern for the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of his practice. With his new porcelain body, he is able to marry the gesture, spontaneity and aesthetics of hand made ceramics with material a generally associated with industrial ceramics or glass.

He is intrigued by the capacity of ceramics to act as an aesthetic placeholders of style,while addressing concerns that are much more technological and global in scope.

After previous studio practices in Victoria, Chicago, Vancouver and Montana, Aaron Nelson is currently the Artistic Director of the Medalta International Artists in Residence Program in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

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